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Standard Press Wash products are major contributors to VOCs in the pressroom. In contrast, new Heidelberg Saphira Bio Press Wash is a vegetable ester-based product that contains less than 10 percent VOCs. Fully compliant with California Rule 1171, Saphira Bio Press Wash achieves only 0.80 pounds per gallon of VOCs using the required EPA Method 24 testing. Saphira Bio Press Wash can be used by hand or in automatic press washing systems. Designed for maximum cleaning ability, Saphira Bio Press Wash also contains a surfactant that enhances ink-cutting performance.

Developed specifically for use in sheetfed offset presses, Saphira Bio Ink combines performance with ultra-low VOC content—typically 2-3 percent by EPA Method 24. Saphira Bio Ink contains a high percentage of bio-derived, renewable raw materials, and delivers robust performance across a broad range of running conditions. The inks also retain excellent color strength on coated or uncoated papers, and are suitable for aqueous coating, off-line UV coating and lamination. Finally, like all Saphira inks, Saphira Bio Ink can be supplied with ICC profiles to help printers achieve the best proof-to-print color match.

Since its beginnings Ontario Packaging Centres has grown to become a major provider of packaging solutions and industrial supplies in Canada. With a large product portfolio and the ability to give each customer a tailored solution, Ontario Packaging Centres is a leader in its industry.

From our centralised distribution depots, we service our customers with quick production and delivery times. We offer a one-stop-shop solution for any customer's needs by stocking the complete range of products. 

We are proud of our commitment to product quality, customer service and competitive pricing. All of us at Ontario Packaging Centres thank you for your support throughout the years and we look forward to working with you in the future.

This website showcases a range of the products we offer but we stock a much wider range of products than is displayed in these pages. Please contact us for information and quotations about any product that you require.

Customers are first at OPC. We understand that you know your business better than anyone else and we're listening. Forming a partnership with our customers is what OPC is all about. We listen to your needs and provide solutions that will address your business demands.

At OPC we are dedicated to providing our customers with one of the industry's finest customer service and support organizations to go along with our quaility products. OPC provides services and support for our customers, along with a wide selection of 750,000+ Products. Our qualified Customer Support staff is available to respond to your questions whenever they arise. When you purchase a OPC product, you benefit from the expertise of our entire company not just your Reigonal Manager Sales Professional.

We are also proud to say we ship to 90% of Canadian Businesses next day!


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