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Chipboard Boxes

Walk into any retail, grocrey, or big box store and you will see printed chipboard boxes everywhere. Chances are some of those chipboard boxes were done with Ontario Packaging Centres.

Food and frozen food products, candy, cosmetic, medication and product sleeves are just a few of the industries and products that use Chipboard Boxes. 

Produced on Komori printing presses, capable of printing six colours plus aqueous coating. We can apply a variety of coatings to finish the print job, including high gloss, gloss, matte, and soft touch coatings.

With the addition of High Def Printing now standard for all our chipboard boxes, we also provide Enviro inks. A 100% eco friendly ink. 

We provide customers with the quickest turnaround on their jobs. Sheets come out of the press dry and ready for die cutting immediately. 

With a variety of board available in different styles contact us to help you determine what style is best for your product.


For pricing, call 905-612-9444 or toll-free 1-855-672-7444.

Please contact us for more information or to place an order.